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Happy End

DoP - Christian Berger, Director - Michael Haneke
Feature Film

The restaurant sequence of the film was recreated in a studio in Paris. For the sunlight we used 100 x 100cm DIFF2, blue  C-Reflectors . The skylight came from three 20m x 6m  light grid truss ...


no ad’s – just facts: gaffers on working with the CRLS

Introduction to the "just facts" videos

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Starter Kit

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  • one full pro 15x15cm C-Reflector Set – DIFF  1 to DIFF 4
  • two 25x25cm Pro C-Reflectors DIFF 3 & DIFF 4
  • two C-Wheels
  • CRLS 10 Step manual

extreme light weight shoulder bag

  • full set of Pro C-Reflectors (cm)
  • 50×50, 25×25, 15×15, 7×7
  • 4x C-Wheels
  • 4x Safeties
  • Cleaning Kit
  • CRLS Manual



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C-Kit drive

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custom C-Fligthcase

  • full set of Pro C-Reflectors
  • 50×50, 25×25, 15×15, 7×7
  • 3 Speedbags
  • 4x C-Wheels
  • 4x Safeties
  • Cleaning Kit
  • CRLS Manual

designed for heavy duty rigging and safe indoor use. 

Set comes with 2 frames

Frame 1: Diffusion 1 + 2
Frame 2: Diffusion 3 + 4
2x  C-Speedbag 100


100X100 C-Frame Kit

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CRLS on tour / Los Angeles

Jakob will be in Los Angeles from the 8-20th of February 2018 to do hands- on and workshops with the CRLS

Interested to meet? Send us an mail!

Hosted at the showroom of BB&S




Creative Light Experts / Graz, Austria


Our first roundtable!

Topic: digital light – human thoughts

With: DoP Ari Wegner, Christine A. Maier, Christian Berger, effect supervisor Giuseppe Motta, gaffer Jakob Ballinger

 The Light Bridge

We grew up in the lighting industry and take pride in what we do. We always saw our job on set bridging between artistic needs and technical possibilities. We love challenges and supporting a vision. This mostly led to special constructions and custom solutions. So every project would have something that didn’t come off the shelf – something special. We thought that it would be great to be able share these special things with you. So here’s to light – and a bridge to share ! 

“Good gear always is a manifestation of an innovative thought, an individual expression”

Together with people who work with light we are in the search for new expressive ways and tools to use light and think about light in our digital age. The gear we develop emerges out of a collaborative process on and off set with DP’s, gaffers and friends.  We produce our gear in Europe with small, highly specialized companies because we believe in fair wages and highest quality. The Light Bridge develops customized high quality, cutting-edge gear for the motion picture industry.


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