Vienna, in the heart of Europe is an ideal distribution place to service rental houses, film productions and support DoP’s and gaffers across borders.  


C-Reflectors, C-Kits, Lamps an more – we ship Europe wide!

Kinetic Rigs

The lightweight CRLS gives you the possibility to light locations that were not able to be rigged before. Based on your vision and on the location restrictions we are specialized in designing state of the art lighting rigs that will give you the perfect light position with the maximum flexibility for quick and fast changes. All the way from rigs that can place your light in every axis and also let you shoot with wind & rain.  Fast, easy and silent.


remote control sun covers and movable lighting platforms

remote control rail systems for lamps and reflectors

remote heads & controls indoor & outdoor for C-Reflectors

rail systems for rigs risers and more


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