Jakob Ballinger


Jakob’s relentless interest to tinker with lights, rigs and fixtures was fused with his fascination for film early in his childhood.
Years later he enrolled at the National Film School in Vienna to deepen his knowledge of the craft. He has been working as a gaffer, in the field of his choice, ever since. Specializing in large scale feature films and commercials, his international career has taken him all over the world.
The Light Bridge emerged as Jakob wanted to address and find answers for the needs and possibilities of new age lighting for digital cinematography.
As an industry gaffer with experience on projects ranging from small productions to major film studio shoots, he understands the need for high-quality and economical lighting for various creative projects with differing budgets.

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Judith Benedikt


Judith had already been working with the first versions of the CRLS as an electrician back in the days when Christian Berger was just starting to experiment with the idea in 2001. Since then Judith has become a cinematographer herself, working on international documentaries and giving her knowledge and spare time to help customers get the right CRLS gear.

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Marlene Nwaokeafor


Marlene brings vast experience in office management to the Lightbridge. With her background in transport logistics, accounting and secretarial work for manufacturing companies she has become the heart and soul of the Vienna office.

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Laszlo Krasznai


Laszlo worked is way up on the big international jobs as a Best Boy in Budapest before he joined our team on the „The Notebook“ 2012.
As a passionate mountain bike downhill rider Laszlo knows how much you need to depend on your gear.
He was able to bring his organisational talents and his passion for engineering to The Light Bridge.
You can experience his incredible drive in every piece and screw of our products.

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Heidi Rada


Heidi studied at the university of fine arts in Vienna.
She designs the packaging of our products and oversees initial quality control before shipping.
So when you unbox your gear – you will feel her precision and taste!

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Manuel Nevosad


Manuel experienced his first jobs in the filming industry in 1997 at the tender age of 16. Since then, this is where his heart is.
“I consider myself to be a hard worker and when I start a project I put my heart and soul into it. I am a strong believer that team work is of utmost importance to do great work“ Jakob and Manuel teamed up 2009, supporting their DoP’s all the way ever since.
Manuel takes all new prototypes with him on set and tests them until they work under any conditions – he shares Jakob’s passion to test – no matter if for our products or for a film!
You will feel Manuels commitment and will to push to excellence every time you take the CRLS products into your hands.
He also assists in lighting challenges that DOP’s and gaffers face when using the CRLS.

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Christian Berger

Christian Berger is the inventor of the Cine Reflect Lighting System and has used it to shoot all of his projects since.

The Piano Teacher in 2001. In 2014 he lensed Angelina Jolie Pitt’s third directorial outing, By the Sea.

A titan in the industry, Berger has more than 40 years of experience as a cinematographer.

He and his lighting system were behind The White Ribbon – the first foreign film to receive The American Society of Cinematographer’s highest accolade, the Best Cinematography Award, which also earned him an Academy Award® nomination for Best Cinematography.



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