Set Up's & Results

Mon Guerlain Commercial

DoP - Christian Berger, Director -Terrance Malick
Light! Talks

CRLS 100x100 prototype C-Reflector remote heads being tested on set. But of course this can also be done with ropes attached to the 100x100 C-Reflectors. Light weight, easy to extend beyond the rooftop. The beams were ...

By the Sea

DoP Christian Berger, Director Angelina Jolie
Light! Talks

One of the biggest advantages of the C-Reflectors is the possibility due to the small surface, is to shoot in strong winds. Working directly at the ocean we were still able to shoot when standard butterflys would have ...

Commercial Cellphone

2016, DoP Mario Minichmayr
Light! Talks

The CRLS is finding it's way into the commercial world. A new look, a new efficiency to handle the challenges of todays productions. Third floor, no elevator, two location moves to go. But a quality to ...